Ann Arbor Film Festival's DVD launch party Wednesday at Arbor Brewing Company

Credit: Ann Arbor Film Festival
Credit: Ann Arbor Film Festival

ANN ARBOR – The Ann Arbor Film Festival (AAFF) is holding its annual DVD launch party at Arbor Brewing Company Wednesday at 7 p.m. 

The party is a celebration of the AAFF's Volume 10 DVD, which includes highlights from the most recent festival, and the DVD 10-pack collection of all the festival DVDs. Volume 10's films include but are not limited to:

"Commodity City" - An observational documentary exploring the daily lives of vendors who work in the largest wholesale consumer market in the world: the Yiwu Markets in China.

"Mind Frame" - Hand drawn animation with ink, white-out and coffee.

"The Interior" - January, the Alaskan Interior, 56 dogs, four humans, five hours of sunlight. This observational work -- shot on both 16mm and digital video -- is a sensory journey that follows Brent Sass, an award-winning dog musher, and his community of dogs living in isolation in the rural inland of Alaska.

"Pokey Pokey" - A father starts a journey to figure out the best way to protect his son from seeing the filthiness of this crime-ridden city.

"Xylophone" - A cutout animation that follows the path of a sleep-deprived pregnant woman, ambivalent towards the routines of middle-class life, who, along with her rambunctious daughter, impulsively steals a goat from a petting zoo. Chaos and freedom ensue.

The AAFF was founded by George Manupelli in 1963 and is the oldest avant-garde and experimental film festival in North America. The 55th AAFF was this past March at various locations in Ann Arbor, with the 56th festival expected in March 2018. If you've never attended the festival or are new to the world of avant-garde filmmaking, this DVD launch party is a perfect introduction. 

Admission to the party is $5; free for AAFF members. 

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