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What to do in Ann Arbor Tuesday, Nov. 14: Pickle Day and several other events we think you'll relish

Ana Sortun recipes, 'Vibrator Nation' author Lynn Comella and more

A jar of pickles is i-dill for anyone who loves delicious food. (Credit: Public Domain Pictures)
A jar of pickles is i-dill for anyone who loves delicious food. (Credit: Public Domain Pictures)

ANN ARBOR – Here are some of the events happening in Ann Arbor on Tuesday about which we're most excited. Which ones do you plan to attend? What event should we cover in greater detail and why? Let us know in the comments below or email us at: allaboutannarbor@wdiv.com

Tuesday, Nov. 14

Pickle Day - South Quad Dining Hall will be serving a selection of dishes that incorporate pickles in celebration of Pickle Day 2017. This is a sweet dill if ever there was one. (11 a.m., South Quad)  

Brown Bag - Katie LaPlant: David Bates Douglass Papers - This lecture examines the more than 600 new manuscript additions to the David Bates Douglass Papers and provides a glimpse of an early 19th-century American family. (Noon, William L. Clements Library) 

Painting for Freedom and the Freedom to Paint: Ben Shahn's Murals and the Jewish Refugee Crisis - This illustrated slide lecture considers two sets of completed murals and one proposed mural by Ben Shahn. All of the murals explore issues of freedom against the backdrop of the looming European-Jewish refugee crisis of the late 1930s. (4 p.m., University of Michigan) 

Dancing for Birth - This is a 90-minute weekly class that fuses dance fitness with birth preparation by teaching a “language of movement” inspired by world dance forms such as belly dance, African dance and Latin dance. (6:30 p.m., Center for the Childbearing Year) 

Arab American Special Dinner 217: A Table Shared with Ana Sortun - This is a delicious evening at Zingerman's Roadhouse, featuring cozy dishes from Ana Sortun's cookbook "Soframiz," a collaboration between the acclaimed chef and her talented baking business partner, Maura Kilpatrick. (7 p.m., Zingerman's Roadhouse) 

Lynn Comella: Vibrator Nation - Literati Bookstore welcomes author Lynn Comella, who will be discussing her book "Vibrator Nation: How Feminist Sex-Toy Stores Changed the Business of Pleasure." (7 p.m., Literati Bookstore) 

Kaoru Watanabe - The Brooklyn-based composer and musician comes to the Kerrytown Concert House to show off his unique talents, which include playing the Japanese taiko drum and shinobue flutes. (8 p.m., Kerrytown Concert House) 

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