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Mystery lovers rejoice: Aunt Agatha's holiday open house is Dec. 9

Local authors to attend Ann Arbor bookstore's annual event for mystery fans

Credit: Matt Giles

ANN ARBOR – If you love mystery, detective, or true crime books, you will not want to miss Aunt Agatha's Holiday Open House on Saturday, Dec. 9, at 2 p.m. 

Authors Patricia Abbott, Mark Bello, Judy Lee Burke, Con Lehane, Meg Macy and Sarah Zettel will be in attendance for this exciting event, which will be filled with treats and holiday discounts, just in time to finish (or start) your shopping. Most importantly you will have the opportunity to chat with whomever you'd like and have your book signed. 

(Credit: Matt Giles)

Author Details

Patricia Abbott - The author of "Concrete Angel" and "Shot in Detroit," and the mother of author Megan Abbott. She is also a short story writer, with a story in the collection "Detroit Noir" as well as other magazines, and is an Anthony Award nominee.

Mark Bello - A  local author who practices law and incorporates his legal expertise into his novels, Bello will be promoting his Zachary Blake thriller series, "Betrayal of Faith" and "Betrayal of Justice." Both books are based on cases of Bello's, each of which were difficult, given there subject matter. "Faith" deals with a sexual abuse by a priest and is set in Farmington Hills, "Justice" focuses on islamophobia and is set in Dearborn. "These are very great reads for someone in college, or someone who is studying law," Bello said by phone. Given the current controversy surrounding white nationalist Richard Spencer's request to speak at the University of Michigan, Bello added that "Betrayal of Justice" is very relevant, as the book is a condemnation of that kind of behavior. 

(Credit: Matt Giles)

(Credit: Matt Giles)

Judy Lee Burke - Author of 2014's "Blackrock," a mystery that focuses on a former NOVAS undercover operative who comes out of retirement to take an assignment in Ireland riddled with secrets. 

Con Lehane -  A New York author that is currently writing the 42nd Street Library mysteries. His latest book is titled "Murder in the Manuscript Room." 

(Credit: Matt Giles)

(Credit: Matt Giles)

Mag Macy - The author of "Bearly Departed," part of the cozy teddy bear mysteries, whose writing, according to Macy herself, "reflects a love of lighthouses, mystery, suspense and western movies."

Sarah Zettel - Also known as Delia James and Darcie Wilde, she is one of hardest-working writers in the business, writing under three names and as a science fiction author, C.L. Anderson, the winner of the prestigious Philip K. Dick Award.

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