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Author Richard Retyi to discuss 'The Book of Ann Arbor' Wednesday at Literati

Richard Retyi (Credit: Melanie Maxwell)
Richard Retyi (Credit: Melanie Maxwell)

ANN ARBORRichard Retyi is a man of many talents. He is the marketing and communications manager at the Ann Arbor District Library, the host of the "Ann Arbor Stories" and "Mostly Functional" podcasts, and the author of "The Book of Ann Arbor: An Extremely Serious History Book." Retyi will appear at Literati Bookstore at 7 p.m. Wednesday to discuss the book, which is also one of the AADL's inaugural releases from its Fifth Avenue Press imprint. 

"This is my first-ever book event - as an attendee or as an author - and I'm still not sure if I'm going to read the book back to front using funny voices for some of the subjects, or just take the time to talk about my favorite professional wrestlers of all time. Only one way to find out," Retyi said by email. 

"Literati is very nice and very brave and maybe when I'm done they'll let me sign a wall or something."

About "The Book of Ann Arbor" 

"A suicide submarine parade. Ann Arbor’s top 10 astronauts. Shakey Jake, the Embassy Hotel, and train/building collisions. The birth of Iggy Pop. Nazis getting punched. Visits from heads of state, from presidents to a dictator. The Music Mobile, the Naked Mile and a round-the-world flight. Plus, a few tales of murder, because it happens here too. These are a few of the stories that make up The Book of Ann Arbor."

About Richard Retyi

"Born in small-town Canada, forged in the mean streets of Montreal and imported to the United States, Richard Retyi has been trying to make enough of an impression on the world to earn a Wikipedia page since Wikipedia became a thing. Washed-up former athlete, PR professional, social media director and freelance writer, Richard Retyi would be more than happy to write for your publication, sing at your birthday or work the mizzen mast on your flagship in the foolhardy quest to murder the leopard shark that ate your mentor."

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