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Nerd Nite returns to Ann Arbor Thursday with stories of asteroids, oscillation and... excrement

Nerd Nite Ann Arbor (Credit: Ann Arbor District Library)
Nerd Nite Ann Arbor (Credit: Ann Arbor District Library)

ANN ARBOR – It's been an eternity since November, when Nerd Nite said goodbye to 2017 with a bang, but thankfully the wait is finally over. And boy will you not regret reading the following questions: Ever wonder why your dog eats poop? How about how ping pong balls and bowling balls are related to the solar system? Curiosity still not piqued? Fine. What do the Mexican Wave, oscillating chemical reactions and the male orgasm have in common? To reveal too much here would be disingenuous, but what we can say is that these questions will all be answered Thursday when Nerd Nite returns for its 51st edition

The questions above are not completely random. In fact, each of the guest speakers will be talking about the topics listed above. Dr. Kelsey Cornelius is veterinarian in her second year of a laboratory animal residency at the University of Michigan who studies coprophagy -- the eating of excrement -- commonly seen with many rodents, lagomorphs, pigs, primates and, unfortunately for many of us, canines. If you decide to attend, the folks at Nerd Nite promise that you'll learn "what you can do if your dog digs the doo-doo."


(Nerd Nite 51 (Credit: Nerd Nite Facebook) 

Also speaking at Thursday's event is Stephanie Hamilton, a physics Ph.D. candidate at U of M who will guide guests through the might of all things tiny in outer space. Hamilton says that "the smallest bodies in our solar system (that is, anything that isn’t one of the eight major planets) are actually the most important" and hopes that everyone will leave with "a newfound appreciation for small asteroids and Kuiper Belt objects." Curious as to how these objects are the key to unlocking the history of our solar system? Attend this event to find out. 

The third speaker of the evening is John Charpentier, a Ph.D. student in immunology at U of M's School of Medicine, who will speak about excitable media in biology and medicine. Charpentier encourages everyone to "come learn about this concept, how ubiquitous these systems are in nature, and how insight into how they work can be applied to other, seemingly unrelated problems in biology and medicine." 

When: Doors open at 6:30 p.m., talks begin at 7 p.m.
Where: Live (102 S. 1st St.)
How much: $0 (all thanks to the Ann Arbor District Library)


Kelsey Cornelius -- All (Poop-Eating) Creatures Great and Small
Stephanie Hamilton --  Ping Pong Balls, Bowling Balls, and What They Have To Do with the Solar System
John Charpentier -- I’m So Excited: Excitable Media in Biology and Medicine

Finally, your friends in all things nerdy encourage you to grab a pal, get a drink and bring your curiosity along.

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