Huron Valley Harmonizers share the love in Ann Arbor on Valentine's Day

Zak Stratton, Jason AuBuchon, Jim Windak and William Stutts Jr. (Credit: The Huron Valley Harmonizers)
Zak Stratton, Jason AuBuchon, Jim Windak and William Stutts Jr. (Credit: The Huron Valley Harmonizers)

ANN ARBOR – When you're in love, you tend to hear music every time you think of that special someone. Whether it's a classic or a modern earworm, chances are good that you know exactly which song is right for the occasion. Yes, you could play them the song in a romantic setting, and while there's nothing wrong with that, this might be the year where you want to kick things up a notch. Luckily, the Huron Valley Harmonizers are here to help. 

If you've never heard of them, the Huron Valley Harmonizers are a barbershop chorus based in Washtenaw County who are excited to “spread the love” on Valentine‘s Day. They will be sending out their quartets to perform their “Singing Valentines” all over Ann Arbor and surrounding areas. 

“Our Singing Valentines fundraiser is probably our favorite event of the year," said William Stutts Jr., one of Huron Valley's members. “We have seen the whole gamut of emotions from the recipients ranging from slight embarrassment to deep heartfelt tear-inducing moments.”


(Credit: Huron Valley Harmonizers)

Here's what you need to know, if in fact you want do something a little extra this year for that someone special in your life: 

  • Basic packages start at $50 and include a tuxedo clad quartet, 2 love songs, a rose, a card and a digital photo of the event
  • For $25 the Huron Valley Harmonizers also offer a way to send your love even if that person is not close by with their “Phone-a-Valentine” option, or by e-mailing a personalized “Video Valentine”

It will be a busy day, according to Stutts, so those who are interested are encouraged to reserve their spot early by visiting hvharmonizers.org, where they can also learn more about the Harmonizers themselves. Interested parties are also able to call the Harmony Hotline at 734-796-7467 for any questions. 

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