A4 ASK: What's Ann Arbor missing?

Help us with some ideas. Let's work together and fix them.

Ann Arbor 2017
Ann Arbor 2017

ANN ARBOR – By many, many many measures, Ann Arbor is thriving. 

Local real estate is booming, its tech scene is growing, new restaurants are joining established favorites on a regular basis and cultural offerings are seemingly endless. Aside from Michigan winters and the unavoidable pothole disaster, things in A2 seem A-OK.

So what's missing?

Share your thoughts below and we'll highlight as many as possible. Then, we hope to work with you, to see if we can change anything. Maybe we can't build a functional transit system between Ann Arbor and Detroit, but we can, with your help, build a resource of transit options available.

You should see a form load below. If not, try here. If that doesn't work, or if you prefer, email us at: allaboutannarbor@wdiv.com