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U-M's Mcity gains new affiliate member, partner in Mighty AI

The Mcity testing facility on North Campus (Photo: University of Michigan)
The Mcity testing facility on North Campus (Photo: University of Michigan)

ANN ARBOR – University of Michigan's public-private research and development autonomous vehicle testing facility, Mcity, is about to get a major delivery.

Mcity has partnered with Seattle-based training data company Mighty AI, which specializes in computer vision models and autonomous vehicle technology.

Soon, Mcity members -- including Ford, Toyota, General Motors and Honda -- will be able to train their machine-learning models with a data set designed by Mighty AI focusing on vehicle and pedestrian detection.

Delivery of the training data set will take place in the next few months and will include thousands of images containing more than 1 million labeled objects.

"To produce the high quality research results we’ll need to ensure safety of automated vehicles, we must first start with high quality data," Mcity lab director Greg McGuire, who oversees the Mcity Test Facility for connected, automated and driverless vehicles, said in a press release. "Mighty AI provides that and more with their data management platform. This is a tremendous addition to the more than two decades of existing automated vehicle data Mcity and other U-M units have collected."


Inside Mcity's testing facility (Photo: University of Michigan)

In addition to this, Mighty AI has announced it is joining Mcity's affiliate member program, investing $150,000 in the facility over the next three years.

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Since opening in July 2015, Mcity test vehicles have collected a massive amount of raw sensor data in both the facility's mock-roads and on the streets of the greater Ann Arbor area.

This includes real-time images of pedestrian activity and types of vehicles on the roads.

According to the press release: 

"Mighty AI will leverage its platform—which pairs machine learning with human intelligence to generate ground truth datasets for vehicle perception systems—to ingest this raw data and generate a fully labeled dataset that Mcity members can use to train their machine learning models to detect vehicles and pedestrians both in Mcity’s testing facility and beyond."

"Companies developing autonomous vehicle technology can have the best AI researchers in world and cutting-edge models, but if they don’t have the right training data to make their systems a reality, they won’t get far," Mighty AI Founder and CEO Daryn Nakhuda said in a press release. "As a leader in R&D for connected and autonomous vehicles, Mcity understands how critical high quality training data is to making autonomous driving models safe."

Sounds like a match made in tech heaven.


About Mighty AI

Mighty AI is a data management platform for autonomous vehicle perception data. We provide all the software, expertise, and expert annotators needed to create ground truth datasets for vehicle perception models. We convert raw, unlabeled data into useful high-quality data, pairing machine learning with human intelligence to revolutionize how companies manage perception data and create ground truth data to train and validate their models.

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