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Ann Arbor police issue warning to passionate Michigan Wolverine fans

Police list offenses that would earn a 'time out'

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – With only one game to go in the NCAA tournament, the Ann Arbor Police Department issued a warning to fans who might get too excited during Monday's game.

Michigan will play for the college basketball National Championship Monday after beating Loyola-Chicago in the Final Four. 

In a tweet posted Sunday, the Ann Arbor police said there were certain activities that would result in a "time out" for anyone who engages in them. The tweet said:

As we prepare for Monday night's big game we'd remind you that we love to see fans celebrate their team. However, there are some things which WILL earn you a time out. Please refrain from doing any of the following unless you want a free tour of our holding cells:

- Climbing poles/trees/signs/buildings
- Throwing ANYTHING
- Interfering with traffic
- Damaging property
- Lighting of any fires
- Any behavior which puts others at risk

Please help us celebrate Michigan Basketball safely and responsibly Monday night. Go Blue!