Ann Arbor Art Center to exhibit work of local metalsmith Aaron Decker

Courtesy: Ann Arbor Art Center
Courtesy: Ann Arbor Art Center

ANN ARBOR – The Ann Arbor Art Center will be presenting the debut curatorial project of Aaron Decker, an Ann Arbor based artist, from May 11 to June 9. 

An opening party will be held at the center (117 W. Liberty St.) on May 12 from 6 to 9 p.m. Admission to the event is free and the exhibiting artists will be in attendance.

Trained at The Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Decker is considered an emerging voice in the metalsmithing world.

Aside from his artwork, Decker is a contributing writer for publications such as Art Jewelry Forum, Current Obsession and is the jewelry services manager for Shinola.


Enameled ring (Photo: Aaron Decker

Entitled "Matter, Matter, Object, Wall," it will feature Decker's work as well as the works of seven of his peers from Cranbook, who live across the country.

"Matter, Matter, Object, Wall is an exhibition that challenges traditional interpretations of craft, presenting new narratives for audiences to reconsider relationships between objects, wall, viewer, and maker into the white cube gallery." - Ann Arbor Art Center

"It’s important to regard artwork on the impact it has on one’s sensibilities," said Decker in a press release. "I try to challenge my taste and immediate gravitation towards work in selecting artists. It’s important for there to be some confusion, an immediate reaction, and rigor.

"But clarity only comes when all the work is together in one space. Even then, it may be fleeting. It may spark the next thought, or let me wander into another work. But I don’t like to control that much, or at all.”


Artwork by Ruth Koelewyn (Courtesy: Ann Arbor Art Center)

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Vika Bulgakova 
  • Sophie Eisner
  • Julia Heineccius
  • Ruth Koelewyn
  • Shelly McMahon
  • Nadege Roscoe-Rumjahn
  • Alberte Tranberg

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