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Cinetopia Film Festival 2018: 'A Boy. A Girl. A Dream: Love on Election Night' screens June 1 and 10

Latest from local filmmaker Qasim Basir is one of two films shown at Sundance

Still from "A Boy. A Girl. A Dream: Love on Election Night," which will screen as part of this year's Cinetopia Film Festival. (Credit: Michigan Theater)

ANN ARBOR – We're getting closer to this year's Cinetopia Film Festival, which runs May 31 through June 10 at venues spanning from Ann Arbor to Detroit, and we could not be more excited. While Cinetopia will feature an impressive lineup of films from the world’s best film festivals, it's always a thrill when local filmmakers like Qasim Basir get to screen their work as part of the official lineup. His film, "A Boy. A Girl. A Dream: Love on Election Night" will screen on June 1 at the Michigan Theater and on June 10 at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. 

Basir, or Q as he likes to be called, is a Huron High School graduate who has made two films that were shown at Sundance, one of which was "A Boy. A Girl. A Dream: Love on Election Night." Film lovers and past Cinetopia attendees will likely recognize Q, as his previous film "Destined" was shown at the 2016 festival and the Ann Arbor crowd absolutely loved it. Q will be in attendance for "A Boy. A Girl. A Dream: Love on Election Night," along with the film's stars, Omari Hardwick and Meagan Good. 

The film focuses on Cass (Hardwick) and Frida (Good), who meet on the night of the 2016 presidential election and form an instant connection. Cass is a depressed filmmaker who has gotten lost in the alcohol and drug-infused world of Los Angeles club promotion, and Frida is a lawyer and DJ who is visiting Los Angeles from the Midwest and dealing with a difficult breakup.

What follows is, according to Cinetopia, a film that is visually sensuous and dream-like, "unspooling in real-time, seemingly in one continuous take, that transports you to a singular moment in time when the texture of life seemed to drastically change. [It] effortlessly holds a full spectrum of emotion -- panic, embarrassment, attraction, vulnerability, despair, anger, companionship, and disorientation -- all inside a single slice-of-life film about two people meeting each other for the first time."

In his Sundance review, RogerEbert.com film critic Nick Allen praised Hardwick and Good's performances and chemistry, writing that both actors "display an ability to change emotions gracefully on a dime, showing the many layers of each of their fictional beings." Also worth noting is that Q shot the film in one continuous take 13 different times, which adds to the film's real-time feel. 

"A Boy. A Girl. A Dream: Love on Election Night" was a "Best of Next!" audience-award nominee at this year's Sundance Film Festival and is sure to surprise and delight the Ann Arbor and Detroit audiences who choose to see it at Cinetopia. 

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Planning to attend the festival? Tickets to individual films are now available and the full lineup of films can be found at cinetopiafestival.org/schedule.

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