Ann Arbor District Library's Emerging Writers Workshop aims to help future writers find their voice

(Credit: Ann Arbor District Library Facebook Page)
(Credit: Ann Arbor District Library Facebook Page)

ANN ARBOR – Whether you write professionally or privately, any writer will tell you it can be difficult, at times, to "write what you know" and, even more importantly, actually be satisfied with what you've written on the page. The struggle, as they say, is real. Thankfully, Ann Arbor is full of inspiration as well as the tools needed to help future writers in honing their skills and finding their voice. The Ann Arbor District Library is a major resource for scribes of all ages, and they hold a monthly Emerging Writers Workshop designed to help with all facets of the writing process. 

The next two workshops are June 18 and July 9. The June 18 workshop is a writing a review meet-up, where, according to the AADL, all writers are encourage to come with questions, a work in progress or an empty notebook. Everyone is welcome in this casual, supportive environment, and authors Bethany Neal and Alex Kourvo will be on hand to answer questions and give encouragement.

The July 9 workshop will focus on outlining one's novel. Neal and Kourvo  will discuss the importance of outlines, different outlining methods and how every writer can find an outline that works for them. The AADL stresses that some writers like to outline every step of their novel before they begin, while others like to discover the story as they write. There is, however, no wrong way to plan a novel, as long as it works for the writer.

If you're a writer, or feel inspired to write... anything, we strongly recommend attending these workshops. You can find out more about them by visiting aadl.org

This is part of the AADL's monthly Emerging Writers Workshops, which offer support, learning and advice for local authors. Each month, two weeks after the workshop, there is a meet-up where the instructors will read samples of your work and offer advice and assistance in a casual, supportive atmosphere. Do you have a completed manuscript? Consider submitting it to the library's imprint Fifth Avenue Press.

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