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Now you can sip handcrafted cocktails at Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair

Credit: Anya Klapischak
Credit: Anya Klapischak

ANN ARBOR – What better way to get a break from the mid-July heat than with a cold cocktail?

Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair and Ann Arbor Distilling Company have announced a new collaboration for this year's big event.

It's the first time locally distilled spirits will be served at the fair, something that A2 Distilling Co. is incredibly proud of.

"Being the first business that’s providing cocktails and liquor, I am damn proud that it’s us," said marketing director for A2 Distilling Co. Anya Klapischak. 

"I am very proud and very excited. We’re kind of putting ourselves in the position of the responsibility of being Ann Arbor’s distillery. Having the opportunity to take part in something like Ann Arbor Art Fair is huge. It’s loved and it’s also something that’s kind of contentious for people who live here, too, and I don't think we want to be ignorant to that either.

"We want to contribute to the event in regards to upholding the best and most respected pieces of what the Ann Arbor Art Fair is. At its core, it is an event that brings people together at large both locally and nationally, which is wild," said Klapischak.

Each year, the Ann Arbor Art Fair attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to the downtown area for four days.


(Credit: Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair)

"The main mission of the Art Fair when it started was to help local businesses and this is fulfilling that mission by partnering with them and giving them the exposure," said executive director of the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair and The Guild of Artists & Artisans Karen Delhey.

So what can fairgoers expect?

A2 Distilling Co. will be serving up Moscow mules and gin and tonics made with its newly released Summer Gin, and a surprise cocktail. All of its spirits are seasonal, using ingredients from local farms, and its tonics are also custom-made to complement its respective seasonal gin.

They will have a serving area set up at State and South University. Drinks will cost $8-10.

"We’re super excited about this collaboration and that they are taking on this challenge," said marketing director at the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair and The Guild of Artists & Artisans, Allison Buck. "I think it’s going to be a win-win."

Keep a look out for the pop-up cocktail bar at the fair -- we know we will.

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