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Hunt begins for biggest, most beautiful trees in Ann Arbor

Champion Tree Program creates competition for greatest trees

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – There's a unique competition more than 100 years in the making happening in Ann Arbor. People are hunting for the city's biggest and most beautiful trees.

To recognize some of Ann Arbor's most stunning trees, the Champion Tree Program was created in 1995. The competition requires people to nominate the biggest trees around town, and those trees are verified, measured and photographed.

Each nominated tree earns a certain number of points based on the Champion Tree point system. Circumference, height and crown spread are factored into the point total.

The tree that earns the most points will become the champion tree for that species. There's a wide variety of champions because of all the different tree species that can be found in Ann Arbor.

Trees from home properties or public places can be nominated, as long as they're in Ann Arbor.

Trees can be nominated until July 31. You can nominate a tree by clicking here.

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