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Get ready to caffeinate with the Ann Arbor Caffeine Crawl

It's time for your caffeine fix.

Credit | Pixabay.com
Credit | Pixabay.com

ANN ARBOR – As a city with over 30 coffee shops, it’s only fitting that on Saturday, Aug. 25, Ann Arbor will have its own Caffeine Crawl.

Crawlers have the opportunity to choose from four routes, each with five or six caffeinated stops, which are mostly within walking or biking distance (crawlers need to find their own transportation). At each stop, participants will receive samples of caffeinated beverages from local favorites like Zingerman’s Coffee Co., Black Diesel Coffee, Literati Coffee, Stovetop Coffee Roasters, Electric Eye Cafe and more.


Credit | Caffeine Crawl

Tickets range from $24 to $28 each. Route one starts at 9:30 a.m. with subsequent routes starting at 10, 10:30 and noon. Each route ranges from 5 to 6.75 miles and will take caffeinated explorers between three to three and a half hours.

Developed by beverage events/marketing amalgamation,The LAB, Caffeine Crawls are designed to mimic the tradition pub crawls but for coffee, tea and caffeine lovers. Each event is designed to promote the uniquely caffeinated culture of the local area and businesses.

For full details and to buy tickets, go to the Caffeine Crawl event page.