Take Your Game to the Next Level with These Four DMC Services

From avid supporters of being active


Sponsored content written by DMC, a 4Frenzy sponsor.

The boys of summer will soon be saying goodbyes, but Detroit’s winter warriors are already
warming up, and runners are just inches away from our fair city’s big race.

As the official Healthcare Services Provider of the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings, and the
Detroit Free Press Marathon, the Detroit Medical Center is an avid supporter of staying active.
Whether young or old, whether on a court or a field or a rink, friendly competition is a fantastic
way to support a healthy lifestyle.

We want to help you stay fit and focused on your game, whatever sport you choose. That’s
why we offer a myriad of healthcare services to prevent and treat athletic injuries as well as
improving your physical skill sets. Here are a few of the services we provide for the Detroit
metro area.

Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

No matter how young or healthy you are—or how much you train your body—injuries can
happen at any time and to anyone. Fortunately, DMC’s network of experts is well trained to
address every musculoskeletal condition you might sustain.
If your injury requires surgery, you’re in good hands. Our surgical specialists are well versed in
common but complex sports injuries like ACL reconstruction, torn meniscus repair, or rotator
cuff repair. Additionally, we offer many non-surgical procedures like TenexHealth TX™, which
provides minimally invasive relief for a number of issues that cause tendon pain including
tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, swimmer’s shoulder, and more.
Whether you’re attempting to interpret your injury symptoms or actively seeking treatment,
we’re with you every step of the way.

Concussion Management Program

When it comes to head injuries, it can be difficult to self-diagnose your condition. Symptoms
can even creep up or heighten days or weeks after the injury, and any number of symptoms
may be an indicator that you’re dealing with a concussion.
Brain injuries are extremely serious, and this treatment protocol is becoming increasingly
important across all sports. That’s why we’ve created a program within our Sports Medicine
program focused solely on concussion management that can be tailored to patients of all ages.
Don’t just shrug it off, even if you’re dealing with one or two symptoms—consult a professional
and make sure your brain can heal properly.

Event Medical Coverage

Just like any illness or injury, the best treatment for an athletic incident is immediate treatment.
That’s why the DMC Sports Medicine team is available for on-site event coverage of a wide
range of sporting events.

Our certified and licensed athletic trainers will conduct pre-event taping for all athletes to help
prevent injuries, and should injuries still occur, they will evaluate and provide first aid for any
affliction that’s immediately treatable and refer the most efficient emergency room, urgent care
facility, or physician as needed. No matter how safe you and your teammates play it, you’ll
never be more prepared than with an athletic trainer on the sidelines.

Sports Performance Academy

Want to know the safest way to play the game you love? Playing it the right way, of course.
Whether you’re a novice looking to learn the ropes or an avid athlete trying to reach the height
of your skill set, our Sports Performance Academy is designed to give you a boost through
performance enhancement instruction—especially if you’re recovering from an injury.
Our team offers Sport Specific Training for individuals or groups, designed to improve strength,
speed, agility, quickness, flexibility, and endurance. These programs generally last 8–12 weeks.
Additionally, we offer Team Training to address team needs through tailor-made instruction,
conditioning, and performance screenings. And if you’re trying to take your game to the next
level, our Individual Athlete Assessments will provide a rigorous program to help you excel at
your sport of choice and understand your place among the professionals. We even offer
Coaches’ Clinics to help instructors become better leaders for their teams.

Whether you’re trying to improve your performance or recover from an injury, the DMC Sports Medicine network can help you get better.