'Football's Valhalla, The Bob Ufer Story' to have its world premiere at the Michigan on Oct. 5

New film celebrates the original 'voice' of Michigan Football

(Credit: Michigan Theater)
(Credit: Michigan Theater)

ANN ARBOR – Whether you absolutely love Bob Ufer or have somehow never heard of him, a new documentary that celebrates his life and legacy, "Football’s Valhalla, The Bob Ufer Story," will have its world premiere at the Michigan Theater on Oct. 5 at 7 p.m. and is not to be missed.

Described as the original “voice” of Michigan Football, Ufer is a University of Michigan icon. Far from being an impartial reporter, Ufer released endless kilocycles of unbridled maize and blue favoritism. For nearly four decades, he was beloved by a wide range of listeners for his enthusiastic, articulate and engaging style. His high-octane broadcasts had an impact on many local kids, including one who became the head football coach at Michigan, Jim Harbaugh. Recordings of Ufer’s game broadcasts have delighted Michigan fans for decades and are routinely heard at tailgate gatherings today.

It has been 37 years since Ufer passed, and "Football’s Valhalla, The Bob Ufer Story" gives a face to the famous voice and offers a detailed telling of his life that he has long deserved. Produced and directed by Ann Arbor native Dan Chace, "Football’s Valhalla" began filming at the 2015 Ohio State Game. Over 75 interviews have since been recorded, including coaches (Jim and Jack Harbaugh, Lloyd Carr, Jerry Hanlon), players (Dennis Franklin, Rick Leach, Bill Dufek, John Wangler), broadcasters (Frank Beckman, Jim Brandstatter, Dan Dierdorf), as well as dozens of family members, friends and fans of Ufer's. Interview testimony is matched with rare vintage photographs, and archival video and film, including never-before-seen footage of Ufer competing in Madison Square Garden as an undergraduate. A variety of Ufer’s radio calls are also included.

Whether or not you're a sports fan is beside the point. Ufer is a part of Michigan's history and a staple of the football scene at the University of Michigan. This documentary deserves to be seen by as many people as possible. Tickets are $15 or $12 with a valid student ID. They may be purchased online here. Learn more about "Football’s Valhalla" by visiting BobUferStory.com.

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