Starbucks released its new Halloween drink today. Would you try it, Ann Arbor?

Credit: Starbucks
Credit: Starbucks

ANN ARBOR – Following the craze of last year's Unicorn Frappucino, Starbucks is at it again.

It launched its Halloween-themed Witch's Brew Frappucino this morning and pictures of the bizarre concoction are popping up on social media.

What is it?

Starbucks says its blend of "bat warts," "swamp fog," "powdered lizard scales" and "toad's breath" actually tastes like an orange creamsicle.

According to its ingredients listed on Starbucks' website, it is a blend of ice, milk, creme Frappucino syrup, whipped cream, orange-flavored purple powder, green-colored chia seeds and green-colored sugar, among other things.


One drink contains 390 calories, but on the plus side, it's caffeine-free.

Like all seasonal products, this creation won't be around for long, so get it while supplies last -- if you dare.

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