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Son arrested in connection with father's death in Ann Arbor

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – An Ann Arbor man is in police custody after allegedly killing his father.

The incident is believed to have occurred Saturday night after 8 p.m. The Ann Arbor couple and their son were at their home, and at some point, an argument erupted between the father and son.

The argument became violent and the mother left the home and called 911 on her cellphone.

According to a recording of police dispatch, the caller said her mentally disabled son was attacking her husband and trying to choke him.

Due to weather, it took police between seven and eight minutes to get to the home on the city's northwest corner. The neighborhood is filled with large homes and is known to have very little crime.

While the mother was outside, her son, the accused killer, called 911 and told the dispatcher that he had hurt his father and that he would be standing outside the home, wearing an orange hat.

When police arrived, they found the 66-year-old father lying on the floor of the home. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

"It was a very aggressive attack, and, yeah, from our history here in Ann Arbor, it's rare somebody is beaten to death just by their bodily force," Ann Arbor police detective Lt. Aimee Metzer said.

The son was taken into custody and is expected to be arraigned later this week.

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