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This is the place for toys that will spark your child's creativity!

There's an award-winning toy store that can help spark creativity in the child in your life. It's called Mudpuddles Toys and Meredith Bruckner, the Community News Producer with AllAboutAnnArbor.com brought this unique shop to us along with its co-owner, Jan Benzinger. She has worked in this Kerrytown shop for 25 years and hand picks all of the toys. 

"What they really care about are toys that bring out creativity in children, that are educational, that serve a purpose beyond being the new latest-greatest thing," explained Bruckner.

They get toys from all over, not just major brands, and she demonstrated quite a few of them. Kids from 1 to 100 will find something fun to play with in the store.

 "We're big fans of game night, family game night. Games are great," said Benzinger. Game nights encourage families to spend some quality time together, making memories and having fun. 

So how do they pick out their toys? Both the owners go to toy fairs and conventions held all over the country, plus they take customer suggestions. 

Benzinger then shared her favorite toy, a star cube. This hand-sized toy looks like a Rubik's Cube, but it can actually change shape instead of just rotating sides, and hidden inside are two 3-dimensional stars. 

Mudpuddles Toys is located in the Kerrytown neighborhood of Ann Arbor on the second floor right above Monahan's Seafood. 

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