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Ann Arbor's bike share program is back!

Share your pedal to the metal!

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On a gorgeous summer day, there is nothing better than a bike ride, and in Ann Arbor, they just relaunched a bike share program so you can pedal away, even if you don't own a bike. Merideth Bruckner, the Community News Producer for All About Ann Arbor, and Omari Colen, Regional General Manager for ArborBike, the bike share program, joined host Jason Carr out on the Local 4 plaza to discuss it. 

Ann Arbor, with its many restaurants and shops, is the perfect place for a bike ride. Bruckner says the bike lanes all over Ann Arbor (including the soon to come protected bike lanes), as well as all the parks and the BTB trail,  are some great places to get started. There are many places - like the parks and U of M's campus, that you can just not access the same way with a car as you can with a bike. 

So how does it work? Well, they have several subscription plans. You can go with their $8/day, $18/month plan, or an $80/year plan. These plans include unlimited 30-minute rides for the duration of your subscription. You can purchase plans on their website, at the kiosks near the bikes, or on their app on your phone. There will be 14 stations all around Ann Arbor, with about half on U of M's campus, and there should always be bikes available at the stations. 

For more about what's going on in Ann Arbor, visit AllAboutAnnArbor.com.


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