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Video shows woman hurling herself onto shoplifters' car in Pittsfield Township

Men managed to get away

PITTSFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – You know your customers are passionate about your store when they chase down three suspected shoplifters and one woman hurls herself onto their getaway car to stop them.

Marcel Hillier was in the Pittsfield Township Lowe’s parking lot Monday afternoon when the alarms started going off.

“I was in my car waiting for my co-worker, who was in the bathroom, when the alarms started going off. At first, I didn’t think anything of it,” Hillier said.

Then he saw customers running, including one woman who hurled herself on top of a silver car.

Police said the three men in that car had shoplifted power tools from the store. Customers were so irate, they chased the men into the parking lot. That’s when Hillier pulled out his phone and captured the woman throwing herself on top of their getaway car.

She slowed them down a bit and other cars tried to box them in but the woman ultimately was thrown off the car and the men got away.

Pittsfield Township police are still looking for the men.

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