Ann Arbor police sergeant gives gift of life to officer she's known for 20 years

Officers share their heart warming story

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. – When Officer Steven Dye’s kidneys started failing, Sgt. Jamie Crawford immediately got tested to find out whether she would be a match for a kidney donation. 

“Jesus, it’s been 20 years. A little over 20 years,” said Dye. 

That’s how long Dye and Sgt. Jamie Crawford with the Ann Arbor Police Department have been friends. 

“Our friendship has definitely grown over the years, but yeah we have been good friends this entire time,” said Crawford.  

For years, they worked in the same department together. They served and protected the city. Their motto is "You got my back. I got yours."

Their loyalty to one another was tested recently. Their promise proved to be more than just words. 

“I had the kidney disease for about 14 years, give or take,” said Dye. But it wasn’t a problem. 

“I was just taking oral medication for it and I would go see the doctor, just twice a year,” said Dye. 

In March of 2018, things changed, during his checkup. 

“That’s when he told me that my kidney disease has actually progressed from a Stage 3 to Stage 5, probably in a matter of a few months,” said Dye. 

Time was of the essence. If he didn’t get a new kidney, his only options were dialysis or kidney failure.

Dye only told a few people, his family and of course Jamie, his close friend. 

“I asked him if people knew. Myself included, that there would be people here, willing to get tested to see if they were a match,” said Crawford. 

Jamie said within days, she asked to see if she was a match and she was one.  

“Like wow, this is real. This is going to happen,” said Crawford. 

They’re now doing just fine and their friendship is even stronger, with Crawford slightly having the upper hand. 

“I’m a Michigan alum. He’s Michigan State. So I think he secretly sings the Victors,” said Crawford. 

Dye is very grateful to Crawford. 

“She’s my hero,” said Dye. 

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