Thrive Juicery in Ann Arbor to open second location downtown soon

Get raw, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, more at second location

The second Thrive Juicery location will be at 111 W. Liberty St. in downtown Ann Arbor. Photo | Thrive Juicery facebook
The second Thrive Juicery location will be at 111 W. Liberty St. in downtown Ann Arbor. Photo | Thrive Juicery facebook

ANN ARBOR, Mich.Taking over 111 West Liberty Street, Thrive Juicery will open its second location in downtown Ann Arbor soon.

The new location, formerly the home of Vin Bar, will offer light, casual fare right in the thick of downtown sit-down dining experiences and restaurants.

Known for its cold-pressed juices and ionized alkaline water, Thrive opened its first location on East Stadium boulevard last November, filling the void with the closing of Drought, a juice bar chain.

“Drought closed its doors just weeks before we opened ours, so there is already a great community there that understands the benefits of raw, cold-pressed juice,” said Thrive owner Anna Mignery.

According to Mignery, who opened the juicery with her husband, Andy, Thrive wasn’t explicitly looking to expand to another location so soon but there has been increased interest from the community - so much so that customers leave regular feedback asking about a downtown location. 

“Even though it feels quick to be opening a second space, it feels right and we’re excited about it,” said Mignery. 

Mignery also said that opening a second location is the only way of bringing its juices and offerings downtown. Thrive isn’t able to sell juices through other businesses as federal regulations dictate that wholesale juices must be pasteurized, something Thrive doesn’t do to its juices. 

For the space on Liberty Street, Thrive is once again partnering with Synecdoche Design Studio, the company which designed the juicery’s first location. Mignery said that, like everything else with Thrive, she wanted to keep things as local as possible. She’s enjoyed working with the company before as well as its ability to conceptualize and build spaces that help build business branding.

Watch Meredith’s interview with Lisa Sauve, principal of  Synecdoche Design Studio.

Having just received the okay to open the front of the Liberty location, Mignery said that her hope is to open up the front of the new location as a pop-up as early as the next week -- as soon as they get the equipment they need. 

“The idea is that we will bring everything we do pre-packaged from the first location there [to the new location pop-up], so it will allow the community and easier way to start getting juices, said Mignery. “But it will be a grab-and-go as they build out the back of the space.”

The new space will have an open bar for people to come, sit down and be apart of the Thrive community.

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As work continues on the back of the new location, which has been separated from the front as it operates as a grab-and-go, Mignery said that provided things go according to the three-month renovation plan, the new location will be fully sometime in October. 

Mignery said that unfortunately, the new space is too small for Thrive to be able to do its juicing in-house there; however, juices will be transported from the first location every morning. That being said, the smoothies, salads and toasts on Thrive’s menu will be made in front of customers at the Liberty location as they are at the Stadium location. There will also be a citrus press for fresh-pressed citrus juices. 

“What’s really important for us is that you see what we do -- especially in food service, there is so much of ‘there are things in your food and you don’t know it’ and for us, it’s what’s listed and nothing else,” said Mignery.  

Mignery said that for those who want to get a glimpse of juicing in action, they can still head over to Thrive’s first location at 2420 East Stadium Blvd. 

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