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New University of Michigan students begin college journey on move-in day

Students, parents cope with emotions of college move-in day

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – No amount of preparation can truly get most new students ready for the college experience.

From getting an acceptance letter in the mail to walking down the aisle to receive a high school diploma to packing a childhood room into boxes -- the entire process can be surreal.

It's college move-in day at the University of Michigan. Students are leaving home and turning a new page in life.

Moving into a new dorm is equal parts exciting and exhausting. Students get to meet many new people, but they're also sweating profusely from carrying belongings up three flights of stairs and jamming them into small, 12-by-12 rooms that they only get half of.

So much happens at college after parents wave goodbye through teary eyes. The young adults who moved into dorms Wednesday will learn lessons they can't yet fathom, both inside and outside the classroom.

Going to college is an experience unlike any other, and day one -- move in day -- is a moment they won't soon forget.