Turn Ann Arbor into treasure hunt this weekend with mobile scavenger hunt app

Think you know your A2 facts? Put your knowledge to the test

Looking south on S. 4th Ave. Photo | Sarah M. Parlette
Looking south on S. 4th Ave. Photo | Sarah M. Parlette

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Looking to see a new side of Ann Arbor? Self-guided scavenger hunt app adventures turn Tree Town into a townie treasure hunt with mobile clues, photo challenges, trivia and more. 

Created by Let's Roam, a scavenger hunt company with hunts in over 350 cities, the Ann Arbor Adventure hunt is one of many available options to help Ann Arborites explore their city and test their Ann Arbor knowledge. 

Participants in the Ann Arbor Adventure! hunt will pass by the University of Michigan campus, the historic Fire Department building and Michigan Theater during their trivia-answering, puzzle-solving and selfie-snapping. 

How it works

Participants will buy their tickets, download the Let's Roam app and select their roles. The app allows up to eight players can use a single phone. 

Teams gain points by answering timed trivia questions, finding certain items at locations within the city and by taking photos -- getting them on the leader board and bumping off other teams. 

Most hunts last for about two hours, are walkable and take place between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. Scavenger hunts can even be paused by players who want to spend more time at a single location.

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Dates for the Ann Arbor Let's Roam Treasure Hunt: Ann Arbor Adventure include Sept. 28 and Sept. 29, as well as most Saturdays and Sundays up through the new year and beyond. For all dates and tickets, visit the Eventbrite page or the Ann Arbor Let's Roam website. 

Tickets for packages on the Eventbrite page range in price from $39 to $80; however, individual scavenger hunt roles can be purchased through the Let's Roam website. The number of players can vary on a scavenger hunt, and hunts can be purchased for any day of the year. 

Let's Roam offers various scavenger hunt packages including a two-player date night hunt, an Ann Arbor birthday-themed hunt and a business team-building scavenger hunt.

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