Ann Arbor deer cull: City aims to kill 150 deer in 2020

Nonlethal sterilization program suspended

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

ANN ARBOR – The city of Ann Arbor released a memo earlier this month detailing its 2020 Deer Management Program.

Penned by City Administrator Howard Lazarus, it outlines plans to kill up to 150 deer in what will be the city's fifth annual cull if it is approved by City Council in a Nov. 18 vote.

This year, however, nonlethal sterilization plans have been scrapped due to a cap on procedures allowed by the state. With 78 sterilizations of female deer completed last year, the city has nearly met its quota of 80 approved sterilizations.

Lazarus wrote that it is not cost effective to "mobilize operations for two more deer."

Aside from the sterilizations, there will be no change to the methods or long-term goals for this year's cull, Lazarus wrote. It is slated to take place in January on public and private lands, including in city parks and on parts of University of Michigan property.

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In previous culls, the city has contracted sharpshooters from White Buffalo to carry out the lethal program. Since 2016, they have killed 386 deer.

While City Council initially approved a four-year plan, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources issued a five-year research permit, which will allow the program to be extended by one year if the council approves.

An implementation plan will be completed in mid- to late November.

Residents can follow updates on the city's Deer Management Plan website.

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