Ann Arbor 15th District Court Warrant Resolution Day planned for Dec. 16

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ANN ARBOR – On Dec. 16, individuals will have the opportunity at the 15th District Court to resolve their misdemeanor warrants.

The same-day service is part of the court’s Warrant Resolution Day and will take place from noon to 8 p.m. Only non-assaultive offenses that took place in Ann Arbor will be considered for resolution.

Those interested in hearing more about expungement of criminal convictions are also invited to attend. Representatives from the local bar association will be on hand to answer questions.

Several agencies will be on site in the Ann Arbor Justice Center located at 301 E. Huron St. to facilitate warrant resolution procedures and provide a supportive network. Individuals will also be able to meet with a judge, public defender and prosecutor.

According to the city of Ann Arbor:

“Warrant Resolution Day is intended to aid individuals in exiting the criminal justice system and reducing their risk of recidivism, as well as helping individuals get access to the support they need ... Outstanding warrants and fear of incarceration can prevent individuals from seeking or securing employment as well as seeking assistance for themselves -- and for their children and families -- such as shelter and food. The event is, thereby, purposefully planned to occur in advance of school winter break as an attempt to avoid interruption in meal assistance for children.”

While child care will not be offered at the event, it will be family-friendly so that children may attend.

On-street parking is available as well as in nearby lots and structures. For more information on parking and public transportation options, visit www.a2dda.org/transportation and www.theride.org.

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