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Ann Arbor’s 24th Cheesecakerie to open Ypsilanti location

Cheesecakey goodness is headed to Ypsilanti

24th Cheese Cakerie will open its third location in Madison Heights in October.
24th Cheese Cakerie will open its third location in Madison Heights in October. (24th Cheese Cakerie)

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – On Feb. 1, Ypsilanti will be able to enjoy the delectable cheesecakes of Ann Arbor’s 24th Cheesecakerie.

Taking over the spot formerly held by Plush Party Palace on Washington St., the second cheesecakerie location will offer cheesecakes and additional baked goods.

Family-owned and operated, the cheesecake company started gaining momentum with a storefront in the Briarwood Mall in May, 2019.

Through email, CEO and head baker Sean Brezzell said that visitors to the new location can expect the same homey feeling the business cultivated at its Ann Arbor location. “We want you to feel like you are walking into your own dining room to have some cheesecake. Being a family business, it is only right you feel like family when you walk through our doors,” said Brezzell.

The company plans to work with LaFawn Pughsley, owner of Plush Cupcake Boutique, to create a plush environment for customers and to host small parties. Along with cheesecakes, cupcakes, cake slices, and Pughsley’s girls spa will also be offered.

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According to Brezzell, the community welcomed the Briarwood location and helped him to expand.

“As a family business, we have a great support system that has helped us not only grow, but grow efficiently. Vicki, Barbara, Lil Sean and I really love working together. After opening our first location in Briarwood Mall [in Ann Arbor, MI] we notice we are getting customers from all over Michigan that love cheesecake.” said Brezzell.

“We always knew from the beginning we wanted to have locations all over Michigan to meet the demand. We have received a lot of good feedback about our product as to the goodness and creativity of the cakes and how strong our family values are.”

Watch Meredith’s segment with Tati Amare and Chef Sean here.

For those not able to make it to the Briarwood Mall or to Ypsilanti, 24th CC cheesecake is also available at Naked Burrito, Argus Farms, Polo Fields Golf and Country Club as well as Travis Pointe Country Club.

Brezzell plans to continue expanding and opening up new 24th Cheesecakerie locations. The company has also sent cheesecakes to customers in Alaska, Texas, Louisiana and California.

The Ypsilanti location will be at 14 North Washington St., Ypsilanti, MI.

Both 24th CC and Plush Cupcake Boutique have been featured as part of Sarah’s sweet beat.

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