5 Books to get you ready for the Kerrytown Bookfest

By Sarah M. Parlette - Associated Producer

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ANN ARBOR - Book lovers unite! The annual and beloved Kerrytown Bookfest is happening Sept. 9 in its regular spot at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market with authors, publishers, storytellers, writers, readers and book lovers from around the area converging on the spot. 

To celebrate all the awesome dog-eared and page-turning culture of Ann Arbor, here are five of our top picks for books written about Ann Arbor.

1. Foodloose In Washtenaw: A Foodie's Guide To Washtenaw County

Written by Raymond de Young and Taylor Landeryou, Foodloose has hand-drawn maps and brief descriptions of the myriad of connections between local farms, food co-ops, restaurants, breweries and more. Tour de foods have been put together so that cyclists and drivers can not only visit certain sites but learn about their importance in the spiderweb of connections within Ann Arbor.

2. Notes From A Public Typewriter

Composed by Ann Arbor itself on numerous typewriters in Literati Bookstore, Notes from a Public Typewriter is a collective of memories within the city. Over the years author and Literati owner Michael Gustafson has collected notes that have been left by passerbyers and patrons and bundled them together in this quick and easy read.  Some notes are emotional, some stoic, some brief but all have personality and curiosity surrounding them.

3. Iconic Restaurants Of Ann Arbor

A blast of the past, this small book is somewhat like a Tardis - it’s bigger on the inside. Full of Ann Arbor food restaurant culture and history, authors Jon Milan and Gail Offen offer snippets of information on historic restaurants like the Heidelberg, Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger and Le Dog. The authors also detail their favorite eateries that have survived in the city throughout the years. Old photos of storefronts, menus and advertisements are on every page and allow readers to take a walking tour of not just the food scene in Ann Arbor but also of its evolution over time.

4. The Book Of Ann Arbor: An Extremely Serious History Book

Written by AADL's Richard Retyi, this collection of stories is hilarious, informative and easy to read. The casual story-telling of events throughout brief stories (ranging from three to ten or so pages) makes The Book of Ann Arbor a good book for busy readers with only a few minutes to spare. Black and white photos show how the city has changed while footnotes whisper fun facts and trivia tidbits.

*Read our interview with Retyi here.

5. Wicked Ann Arbor

Ever wonder about the dark or odd side of Ann Arbor? While the city is known as a bright center of education and culture, it also has a darker side peppered with murder, disappearances and general mischief. Wicked Ann Arbor tells some of these more morbid tales in brief chapters that leave readers just curious enough to want to do their own digging - which they can as author James Thomas Mann has a well-organized bibliography of his resources in the back.

Look for these books among other awesome Ann Arbor literature at your local library and local bookstores.

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