Annual 'Fast Food for Thought' talks to take place Oct. 1 in downtown Ann Arbor

10 talks, 10 subjects, 10 experts

By Sarah M. Parlette - Associated Producer
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ANN ARBOR, Mich. - On Oct. 1, audiences in the Samuel T. Dana Building will be able to listen to a free series of 10 talks on 10 subjects revolving around food and agriculture. 

Taking place on the University of Michigan’s downtown Ann Arbor campus, the sixth annual "Fast Food for Thought" talk series brings together the expertise of 10 members of U-M faculty. 

Speakers are from different departments and will be highlighting a variety of topics related to food and agriculture from veganism and lactose intolerance to childhood obesity and the carbon footprint of food. 

Hosted by the U-M Sustainable Food Systems Initiative, each talk will be given at lightning speed as faculty only have five minutes to deliver their talks. The talks begin at 5:30 p.m. and a reception will follow.

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Free and open to the public, possible attendees of Fast Food for Thought are encouraged to RSVP through the Facebook event here

This is the list of topics from nine confirmed speakers:

  • What Do Soil Microbes Have To Do With Sustainable Food?
    Brendan O Neil, School for Environment and Sustainability

  • Childhood Obesity: The Blame Game
    Kate Bauer, School of Public Health

  • Beyond the Headlines: Addressing the Carbon Footprint of Our Diets
    Marty Heller, School for Environment and Sustainability

  • Warning: Soda Is the New Tobacco
    Cindy Leung, School of Public Health

  • Can Meal Kit Services Actually Be Green?
    Shelie Miller, School for Environment and Sustainability

  • Looking for Utopia: Agriculture for Peace in Colombia
    Tim Lorek, Latin American and Caribbean Studies

  • Are Asians Lactose Intolerant? Traditional Chinese Medicine Says Otherwise.
    Miranda Brown, Asian Languages and Cultures

  • Should We All Become Vegan?
    Katerina Stylianou, School of Public Health

  • The Hurricanes of Puerto Rico
    John Vandermeer, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Ten "Fast Food for Thought" talks will take place in the Samuel T. Dana building on the U-M campus. Photo | U-M Sustainable Food Systems Initiative

Introductions for the speakers will be given by additional University of Michigan staff and faculty.

For those unable to make the talk series, it will be filmed and uploaded to the Fast Food for Thought website where talks from previous years can be found. 

All the talks will be given in room 1040 in the Samuel T. Dana Building at 440 Church St. 

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