Four artists to look for at 2019 Ann Arbor Art Fair

Four fairs, four featured artists

By Sarah M. Parlette - Associated Producer

Credit: State Street Art Fair

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - With hundreds of artists and tourists spilling into Ann Arbor for the annual art fair, picking favorites or finding art that fits your fancy can be challenging.  

The yearly art fair, made up of four smaller art fairs, pulls in thousands of spectators and art appreciators from around the country and brings local, national and international talent to the downtown area of Ann Arbor for four days. 

From fabrics and charcoal to printmaking and sculpture, here are four artists to look for at the art fair.

Amanda Outcalt
Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, the Original: Booth NU839

Coming from Norfolk, Virginia, Outcalt’s mixed media artwork is compound and complex. An amalgamation of interweaving intaglio copper prints with paint, gold leaf, drawing and stitching, Outcalt tells stories through her work, which has been featured at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art and was considered Best of Show at the 2018 Stockley Gardens and Des Moines art festivals.  

Amanda Outcalt is the featured artist of the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair. Photo courtesy of the Ann Arbor Art Fair.

Boris Kramer
Ann Arbor State Street Art Fair: Booth LI636-638

Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Kramer comes from a family of artists. His father was an artist and blacksmith, which has clearly influenced Kramer’s sculpture and philosophy toward art, as well as his belief that art is more than just visual or physical.

According to Kramer: “I am a sculptor. I heat and form metal until it emulated expressions of human relationships. When heated, metal is very forgiving, which is why I choose it as a medium. Through art, I explore humanity. In particular, the ways in which we are drawn together.”

Boris Kramer is the featured artist of the Ann Arbor State Street Art Fair. Photo courtesy of the Ann Arbor Art Fair.

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Kandy Myny
Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair: Booth MN237

Another mixed media artist, Myny uses paint, paper, charcoal, ink, fabric and other materials to create whimsical pieces of art. From Shelby Township, Myny is a self-taught artist who has created art tutorials that have been published in nationally known magazines. Her colorful pieces are meant to invoke happiness and feelings of joy and playfulness. 

Kandy Myny is the featured artist of the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair. Photo courtesy of the Ann Arbor Art Fair.

Ken Swanson
Ann Arbor South University Art Fair: Booth SU830

With a history of interest in printmaking, Swanson has always been drawn to woodcut, linocut and wood engraving and relief prints. Having sold his linoleum block prints at art fairs and exhibits around the country, Swanson is drawn to printing different subjects that stimulate the minds of observers to create their own meanings and connections to his pieces. 

Ken Swanson is the featured artist of the Ann Arbor South University Art Fair. Photo courtesy of the Ann Arbor Art Fair.

For a look at other artists attending the Ann Arbor Art Fair, check out its website. 

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