Live music at the Ann Arbor Art Fair brings myriad of musical styles to downtown stages

Live music, dance, art, good times in Ann Arbor

By Sarah M. Parlette - Associated Producer

Photo: Ann Arbor Art Fair

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Spanning 30 city blocks, the Ann Arbor Art Fair brings in almost half a million people into the downtown Ann Arbor area every year.  

Along with the thousands of pieces of artwork, live music is also on display for Art Fair attendees. 

Concentrated on two separate stages, locally and nationally known bands and musicians take to the stage to perform their songs and melodies for various crowds over the course of the four-day fair. 

From Latin, jazz and contemporary dance to indie pop, rock and acoustic, the two stages have a little bit of everything. 

Here’s our round of who’s-who, who’s-where and who’s-when during the musical portion of the  Ann Arbor Art Fair.

The Fountain Stage

In the midst of the Ann Art Street Art Fair, the Fountain Stage is in Ingalls Mall between East Washington Street and North University Avenue.

July 18 

11 a.m. - Kira Grace - singer/songwriter
Noon - Rob Norum - acoustic soloist
1 p.m. - WCC Dancers - ballet, jazz, hip-hop dance
2 p.m. - Carly Keyes - acoustic 
3 p.m. - Bob Hausler - acoustic
4 p.m. - Carly Bins -  singer/songwriter
5 p.m. - Timothy Monger - Indie-folk-rock
6 p.m. - Camila Ballario - singer/songwriter

July 19

11 a.m. - After Blue - acoustic duo
Noon - Ki5 -  live vocal looper
1 p.m. - Ceolsige -  singer/songwriter
2 p.m. - Jodie Randolph Dance - contemporary 
3 p.m. - Agenda 21 - Reggae-inspired  
4 p.m. - Elena Hirsch - pop singer/songwriter
5 p.m. - Keynote Sisters - acoustic duo
6 p.m. - Angela Predhomme - singer/songwriter

July 20

11 a.m. - Mike Gatien - piano
Noon - Mike Rupprecht -  solo pianist
1 p.m. - Warehouse Cloggers - clogging
2 p.m. - Cosmic - acoustic duo
3 p.m. - Paper Bags - Indie-folk-rock, blues
4 p.m. - NaWahine O Ke Anuenue -  Polynesian dance
5 p.m. - Jazz Bums - American jazz standards
6 p.m. - Anthony Retka - Detroit singer/songwriter

July 21

Noon - Kirk Brown - acoustic soloist
1 p.m. - Arts in Motion - performance dance
2 p.m. - Beach Daisy - alternative pop rock
3 p.m. - Mary Collins - Indie-folk-rock
4 p.m. - Izzy Wallace - singer/songwriter



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The Stage on Main

Located at the end of the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair on South Main Street, the Stage on Main, presented by the Ark, can be found in the middle of the Palio parking lot. 

July 18

Starting at 5:30 p.m., sign up for open mic night
from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., hosted by John Bommarito
of Ann Arbor 107one. 

July 19

4:30 - Royal Wood
6 p.m. - Lula Wiles
7:30 p.m. - Smooth Hound Smith

July 20

4:30 p.m. - Freddy and Francine
6 p.m. - Oshima Brothers
7:30 p.m. - The RFD Boys

July 21

Details TBD: Check for updates on the
Ann Arbor Art Fair website.

“The Ann Arbor Art Fair contributes significantly to the cultural fabric of Ann Arbor, bringing over a thousand visual artists, dozens of musical artists and thousands of visitors to our community each year,” said Maureen Riley, Ann Arbor Art Fair spokesperson. 

“When you combine all the terrific artwork and live musical entertainment with the natural vibrancy of Ann Arbor, you create a unique event that has a national reputation and loyal following. It is like no other Art Fair in the country.”

For updates and more information about musical performances, look for updates in the activities and entertainment page on the Ann Arbor Art Fair website. 

Coming to the city before the crowds? Check out the Townie Steet Fair on Monday.

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