City of Ann Arbor: 112 deer lethally removed during annual cull, parks open again

By Meredith Bruckner - Community News Producer

Photo: Pixabay

ANN ARBOR - On Monday, the city of Ann Arbor announced the reopening of all parks and nature areas after the 2019 deer management program safely came to a close. 

Here's a summary of the 2019 program: 


From Jan. 2 to 20, 112 deer were lethally removed from designated parks and nature areas by sharpshooters from White Buffalo, falling short of its goal to remove 150 deer. This year, properties also included areas owned by the University of Michigan and Concordia University as well as city-selected private parcels where owners had given consent.

All operations during the cull were completed safely.

A total of 274 deer have been killed in the last few culls combined.

Non-lethal sterilization

From Nov. 25-28, six female deer from two zones in Wards 1 and 2 were sterilized by White Buffalo. All of the sterilized females were fitted with ear tags. A radio collar was placed on one mature doe in each group to aid program efforts in the future.

To date, 78 female deer have been sterilized by White Buffalo in these zones.

What happens now

According to the press release, "The city continues to invest in the collection of data to monitor the impacts of deer management efforts and to provide accurate information for public policy discussion on local deer management activities." 

The city also listed data collection activities that will occur over the next few months:

  • White Buffalo 2019 Program Results Assessment.
  • Helicopter flyover estimate survey.  
  • Dr. Courteau's Browse Damage on Public Property Study. 
  • Deer Management Program Evaluation Citizen Survey by Michigan State University Research Center.

These data points will help city staff complete its final summary report of the 2019 deer management season, estimated to be finalized in July.

The city of Ann Arbor will be updating its Deer Management page as reports are completed.

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