Explore Ancient Color at Kelsey Museum of Archaeology of Ann Arbor starting Feb. 8

Color of ancient Roman world comes to Ann Arbor

By Sarah M. Parlette - Associated Producer

Ancient Color runs from Feb. 8 to May 26, 2019 at the Kelsey Museum. Credit | Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -  

From Rome to Ann Arbor, the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology is bringing a bit of color to the dreary grays of winter in its upcoming exhibit Ancient Color.

Starting Feb. 8, audiences will be able to explore the world of color in Roman art and learn about pigments, dyes and color pallets used by Ancient Romans in their homes, clothing, art and buildings.

Mummy Portrait from the Fayum Region, Egypt, 98-117 CE (left), Head of Dionysus 117-138 CE (right) Credit | Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

Curated by Kelsey Museum education and outreach coordinator Cathy Person and Kelsey Museum conservator Caroline Roberts, Ancient Color will dazzle with misconception-busting exhibits about how Ancient Rome was a flashy feast for the eyes that has been lost over time.

To accompany the new exhibit curator tours will take place on Feb. 10 and May. 5 from 2 to 3 p.m., as well as an exhibition opening lecture, which will take place in the UMMA Helmut Stern auditorium from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in March with a reception prior to the lecture.

Not sure if you can wait a month for the new exhibit? The Kelsey Museum of Archaeology also has online exhibits for enthusiastic audiences.

A watercolor by artist Maria Barosso, 1925. Credit | Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

For more information or to read an interview with the curators about the exhibit, visit the Kelsey Museum website.

All events through the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology are free and open to the public unless otherwise stated. 

The Kelsey Museum is located at 434 S. State Street. 

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