Humane Society of Huron Valley's 'Pets of the Week' for May 16

By Matt Giles - Associate Producer

Meet Serena, a sweet and social lady available for adoption. (Credit: HSHV)

ANN ARBOR - "Besides love and sympathy, animals exhibit other qualities connected with the social instincts which in us would be called moral," Charles Darwin once said. We couldn't agree more, which is why every week we try to highlight the Humane Society of Huron Valley's "Pets of the Week" -- furry friends who are looking for their forever homes. Spoiler alert: This week's group is sure to put a smile on your face. 

Haven't heard of these animals? No worries. The "Pets of the Week" are HSHV's mix of animals that have been at the shelter for a bit longer than some of the other animals, but are no less deserving of homes. 

“Though we believe all of our animals are special, every week we highlight a few ‘Pets of the Week,’ and discount their adoption fee 10 percent," HSHV communications director Wendy Welch said by email. 

Welch went on to write, "Sometimes, they’re animals who are in foster care -- amazing companions who simply don’t get the publicity of those in our busy shelter. Other times, they’re adult animals -- overlooked while kittens and puppies get adopted.

"They often have interesting stories, and they are always animals deserving of a great home. Thank you, 'All About Ann Arbor,' for giving them attention, and thank you, readers, for considering adopting a homeless animal, or for spreading the word about these needy friends!”

Here are this week's lovable animals:

(Credit: HSHV) 

Meet Merlin and Odin, one-year-old guinea pigs looking for a forever home. Would you like to share your home with intelligent, affectionate and charming animals with unique personalities and cute faces? Maybe you would like living with our homeless guinea pigs. These affable creatures are prevalent in households all over the world and people love living with them. However, there are many myths which are perpetuated that guinea pigs have to work against. There is a belief that a guinea pig is a good tool for teaching young children about responsibility -- however, whenever a mistake is made it is not the child that pays for it, it is the guinea pig. Guinea pigs should never belong to a child, but should instead be a family pet. Some people believe guinea pigs smell bad, but the truth is that these guys are clean creatures that often get stuck into cages that are too small for them and are not cleaned adequately by their very young caregivers. Also, many believe they are a good pet for a child because they are easier than a cat or a dog, but in reality they need a steady and consistent supply of fresh greens and fruits. Additionally, they need to be out of their cages on the floor exercising and playing at least one hour a day. Do you have space in your heart for the big responsibility that comes with caring for guinea pigs?

(Credit: HSHV) 

If Akoa was in high school, he would definitely be a goofy, silly, popular football player. He's a bit of a tank, but a very, very loving tank. He has no limit to his playfulness, so he needs an adopter who can keep up with him. He's the kind of dog that will need to have lots of time to romp and play to stay happy. Akoa's exuberance may be too much for small humans, so any children in the home should meet him before he gets adopted. Come meet him today.

(Credit: HSHV) 

Are you looking for a strong, handsome man who loves to cuddle, has a sensitive side and wants to be exclusive with you? Come meet Arran. He's a buff and bouncy boy who loves learning new things, licking faces and long walks on the beach. He needs a patient and loving adopter who is willing to put in some time and teach him basic manners, as well as how to give cheek kisses without accidentally bowling over the recipient of his love. Arran is a high-energy boy who needs lots of playtime, and will prefer a home without kids under 12 as well as with no other dogs. Come take Arran on a first date today.

(Credit: HSHV) 

Meet Serena, a sweet and social lady available for adoption through HSHV. She loves a good combination of affection and alone time, making her great for someone on the go. She does love her wet food, making cute little chirps when she sees you coming with it. If you have a calmer home and are looking for a new companion, come see Serena today.

We hope you'll take some time to visit these lovely animals. If you're looking for a wonderful family addition, you can't go wrong by visiting HSHV. 

All the animals available for adoption by HSHV are spayed and neutered, up-to-date on their vaccinations and have a microchip ID, which is included in their affordable adoption fee.

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