Meet Izzy the Giant Schnauzer, another of Ann Arbor's favorite dogs

An interview with the giant, bearded lady.

By Sarah M. Parlette - Associated Producer

Credit | Casidy Jahnke Robison

Ann Arbor, Mich - Ann Arbor has gone to the dogs -- the dogs of Instagram that is. Canine celebs are on the rise, running around Ann Arbor and leaving their paw prints around the city and across the hearts of their followers.

Meet Izzy, the star of Instagram account IzzytheGiantSchnauzer. A Washington, D.C., transplant, the 7-year-old canine celeb and her pawrents moved to Ann Arbor last year.

We interviewed Izzy and her humans about their massive Instagram following (over 10,000 followers), what it takes to travel and getting that purrfect photo.

First and foremost, what inspired you to start a pupstagram for Izzy?

We [Izzy's pet parents] actually started an Instagram account for Izzy because our friends and family were overloaded with an embarrassing number of puppy pictures on our personal accounts. Her account quickly morphed into a fun way to document our adventures with her. Pet Instagram accounts weren't quite as popular when she was a puppy in 2011, so we didn't join until she was a bit older. I wish we would've started an account for her earlier so we could remember all of those crazy puppy moments!

Izzy has over 10K followers. Did you ever anticipate that? Are you often recognized and stopped while walking around?

We never expected for Izzy to have over 10K followers! We figured our parents and a few friends would follow her, but that's about it. Thanks to Instagram, we've made some really close friends that we never would have met otherwise.

With that beard, Izzy is recognized fairly often, which she absolutely LOVES. She is definitely a "people dog" and welcomes the extra attention and ear rubs from others. If you see us out walking around Ann Arbor, please don't hesitate to say hello. You will absolutely make her day!

Izzy has so much character and every photo is just full of personality. How do you get Izzy to hold still long enough to take photos? How many do you have to take before you get the “perfect” shot?

Izzy is more than happy to pose for a photo - as long as treats are involved! She will look at the camera on a verbal command, so she makes it pretty easy to capture her goofy personality in a few shots. She seems to like having her picture taken, but we watch for her cues to signal when she's done. We want to make sure it's something she enjoys.

Any corner is my favorite when I'm with you! 💞

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Izzy seems to spend a lot of time traveling - you lived in DC and now A2, but Chicago, Idaho, and Toronto also make appearances. How do you manage to keep her [Izzy] so happy and active when traveling?

Izzy loves exploring new places! She has led us to travel to areas that we never would have visited otherwise. When Izzy was a puppy, we started taking her on short trips because she was this crazy little ball of energy that needed to investigate new places and meet new people. Once we saw how much she enjoyed herself, we started venturing further from home. She's really game for any adventure we throw at her!

Any future adventures or plans for Izzy that followers can look forward to?

We have a trip to New York City in the works, so definitely follow along for that adventure. It's going to be a good one!


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