New book documenting Ann Arbor's vanishing history to be released June 3

'Vanishing Ann Arbor' traces landmarks of years past

By Meredith Bruckner - Community News Producer

The cover of Vanishing Ann Arbor. (Courtesy: Arcadia Publishing | The History Press)

ANN ARBOR - Local history buffs, take note.

On June 3, Patti F. Smith and Brittain Woodman's "Vanishing Ann Arbor" will be hitting shelves. Published by The History Press, the book explores the city through the lens of historic landmarks, institutions, breweries and restaurants.

Did you know that Pretzel Bell had a sister restaurant near campus? Or that the city has a storied pub scene?

Test your Ann Arbor knowledge as Smith and Woodman tell stories of some of the city's first retail shops, like Bach & Abel's and Dean & Co., revisit Drake's and Maude's iconic eateries and see what it was like to watch movies at the Majestic. 

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About the authors
Called "Ann Arbor’s Biggest Cheerleader," current special education teacher and former legal aid lawyer Patti F. Smith is the author of two other books about Ann Arbor: Images of America-Downtown Ann Arbor and A History of the People's Food Co-op Ann Arbor and is author of a fiction book set in Ann Arbor (Head Over Feet In Love). She has written for, West Suburban Living magazine, Concentrate, Mittenbrew, The Ann, AADL's Pulp blog, and the Ann Arbor Observer.  
Britain Woodman has an elephant-like memory, but not for when the bills are due, or his anniversary; only for how that new restaurant over there used to be a video rental twenty years ago. Thanks to Patti Smith, he has finally found a viable purpose for this incredible skill. 

About Arcadia Publishing and The History Press
Arcadia Publishing and The History Press creates the largest and most comprehensive publisher of local and regional content in the USA. By empowering local history and culture enthusiasts to write local stories for local audiences, we create exceptional books that are relevant on a local and personal level, enrich lives, and bring readers closer to their community, their neighbors, and their past. 

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