University of Michigan fall semester enrollment includes more underrepresented students

14.8 percent of new freshmen considered to be from underrepresented minorities

By Sarah M. Parlette - Associated Producer

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - This 2018 fall semester, almost 26 percent of in-state undergraduates at the University of Michigan did not pay tuition thanks to the Go Blue Guarantee and financial aid packages. 

Since the guarantee took place in January, the U-M has seen a 6 percent increase in enrolled freshmen who come from families with incomes less than $65,000 as well as a 24 percent increase in admissions applications from students from what are considered the lowest-income brackets in the state.  

Having enrolled nearly 7,000 new freshmen undergraduates this year, 6,403 of whom are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, almost 15 percent of the students come from underrepresented minorities. Those 949 students come from differing ethnicities, including Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, Native American or Native Alaskan, as well as multiethnic/multiracial households. 

Of the new freshmen class, 14 percent are the first generation of their family to attend a four-year college.

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The Go Blue Guarantee, which helped 1,700 students this semester, does two things. First, it offers free tuition to in-state students coming from families making less than $65,000 with assets valued at $50,000 or less. Second, financial aid assistance is given to in-state students who come from families with a combined income of less than $180,000. 

The guarantee was U-M's call to students from different socioeconomic backgrounds that the U-M wants to be an option for them. 

Along with the Go Blue Guarantee, Pell grants, now support 17.9 percent of the undergraduate student body. 

For more information on enrollment numbers for this fall, visit Michigan News.

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