Michigan travel pick: Head to Wilderness State Park for the 'beautiful beach, sunsets'

'Makes you feel good to be alive'

Wilderness State Park, Michigan. (Kate Ter Haar, from Cedarville, MI, USA)
Wilderness State Park, Michigan. (Kate Ter Haar, from Cedarville, MI, USA)

Michigan's Wilderness State Park is situated on the northwestern tip of the Lower Peninsula along Lake Michigan, about a 20-minute drive from Mackinaw City. 

We received a few submissions from All About Michigan readers who said this state park is a great spot for anyone who likes hanging out on the beach and watching the sunset -- and that sounds really nice on this cold day in April. 

"Walking early in the morning down the beach -- so nice and peaceful. Makes you feel good to be alive," Kathleen wrote. 

Of course, she said the best time to go is in the summer. That's not surprising, but it sounds like this place has great views of Lake Michigan no matter the season. 

Kathleen wrote she enjoys reading a book on the beach and campfires at night. 

Come on summer, get here now!

The Michigan DNR Parks and Recreation Division offers a full guide to the park here

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