Detroit restaurant named one of America's 'Best New Restaurants in 2018'

Detroit restaurant 'Lady of the House' named one of 'Best new restaurants in 2018'
Detroit restaurant 'Lady of the House' named one of 'Best new restaurants in 2018'

One Detroit's hottest new restaurants is getting some national attention.

Corktown's Lady of the House is one of the Detroit's most popular new food attractions, lead by chef Kate Williams, in the space formerly known as St Cece's Pub.

GQ released their list of the best new restaurants in America for 2018 and Lady of the House made the list!

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Here's some of what GQ's Brett Martin wrote:

Kate Williams's Corktown tavern feels like a midwestern twin of Chez Ma Tante, down to their coolly modern dark-wood interiors. One of my favorite single dishes of the entire year was Lady of the House's “Parisian Ham”—a simple plate of slow-poached French-style ham, shaved thin but in slices that still offer a pleasantly spongy bite. It is served on a plate accompanied by a small dish of butter whipped with Dijon mustard and fermented honey, and it takes you a moment to realize what's missing: There is no bread. You look from the ham to the butter, from the butter to the ham. You glance around: Is this some kind of test? Is there a two-way mirror somewhere? Am I supposed to just…butter the ham?

You do. It is great.

So is rich, oily “shrimp butter,” served in a sardine tin in an allusion to Spanish conservas. After a few glasses of Slovenian wine, my companion, a local, began declaiming that it shouldn't be called butter at all, since the texture of the intensely orange paste is closer to that of uni; I got the feeling this was not a new monologue, but also that Lady of the House is that kind of place: where everybody knows your name and your personal pedantic demons.

Check out the full GQ list here.

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