Metro Detroit diner named among best in America


Michigan has some of the best diners around -- but one in particular just got some national recognition. 

Thrillist posted their list of the best diners in America this week and only one Metro Detroit diner made the list.

Travis Coffee Shop in St. Clair Shores is the big winner. Here's what Thrillist wrote about it:

Harkening back to the days when "coffee shop" had less to do with cute little flowers in latte foam and everything to do with blue-collar workers perched on stools at a greasy spoon, Travis is a callback to a certain American ideal.

It's a place where two eggs, hash browns, toast, a piece of sausage, a hunk of ham, and three slices of bacon will still run you about $6 24/7 and where a sack of six cheeseburgers runs $9.50.

About those burgers: They're among the best in Michigan, simple affairs with grilled onions and a bouncy bun that are great any time, but best enjoyed while sitting on the hood of a car at 3am.

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