2 Michigan ice cream shops named among best in America


You scream, we scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM.

Thrillist recently posted their list of the best ice cream shops in America. Two of them are right here in Michigan!

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MSU Dairy Store: East Lansing

At the risk of lending credence to the endless taunts of Wolverines, yes, Michigan State is a "cow college." But the school's agricultural program has given us many gifts, none more delicious than the MSU Dairy Store, which has two on-campus outposts slinging some of the state's best ice cream (and cheese). Some students supplement their education with side jobs. Here, ag students put their focus to work to create perhaps the best damn black cherry ice cream on the planet -- thanks to those ultra-fresh Traverse City cherries -- and Dantonio's Double Fudge Fake, a caramel-filled football-stocked ode to the storied coach. Does Harbaugh have a dedicated ice cream flavor? (*Googles frantically.*) Nope!

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Moomers: Traverse City

Seldom do you get to eat something delicious while looking out the window at the animals that provided the ingredients, largely because there’s no quicker way to ruin a burger. But this little country creamery in gorgeous upper Michigan lets you gaze upon cows while getting down on your choice of 160 (!) amazing handmade ice creams ranging from a take on regional fave Superman called SuperMoo to cupcake and Chocolate Monster. Get your scoops in sandwich form, or buddy up on the Wholey Cow -- 10 scoops with every single topping -- then plop down and say thanks to Bessie before you drift off into a blissful diabetic coma. 

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