Kerry Bentivolio plans protest at Franklin Hills Country Club for canceling opponent's fundraiser

Country club canceled contract with Lena Epstein for views, support of Trump


FRANKLIN, Mich. – Republican 11th Congressional District candidate Lena Epstein is alleging Franklin Hills Country Club canceled a campaign fundraiser of hers because of her support of President Donald Trump and political views.

Because of that, one of her opponent's has planned a protest outside the country club.

Kerry Bentivolio, (R-Milford) is suspending his campaign for Monday for the peaceful protest -- which is scheduled from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday outside the country club -- 31675 Inkster Road.

"While my primary opponent and I disagree on several issues, I will not tolerate the canceling of a venue contract because of a difference in a political position," the press release said. "It is one thing to refuse to contract versus canceling a previously agreed contract based on a belief or political position. This is yet another intolerable act from the left!" the press release said.

Bentivolio's campaign will continue Tuesday, and he is also calling on all the other Republican candidates and their supporters to join them in protest.

"We are hopeful of the attendance of the other campaigns as well as the presence of some activists," the press release said. "The Trump 'Unity Bridge' has also heard of this political discrimination and plans to come in support."