2 Michigan spots named among best hot dog joints in America

Coney dog/Steven Depolo
Coney dog/Steven Depolo

It's no surprise that the home of the coney dog would be among the best for hot dogs in America.

Thrillist published their list of the best hot dog joints in America -- and two Michigan spots were named for top honors.

Duly's Place - Detroit

For outsiders (and, let's be honest, insiders), the Detroit coney conversation inevitably circles back to the rivalry between OGs American and Lafayette, which both make exceptional dogs. But Detroit Metro is rife with beanless chili-covered dogs, and at the moment our heart is with Duly's.

Yeah, its status elevated a tad when the late, great Anthony Bourdain visited on Parts Unknown, but the joint's long been beloved for its chili-laden coneys, which hold their own against any other comers in the hot dog-rich city.

They've also very likely kept a few dry cleaners in business over the years thanks to the mess that inevitably drips from the dogs to your shirt.

Angelo's Coney Island - Flint

Flint-style coneys differ drastically from their Detroit brethren. First, instead of the wet, gloopy Motor City chili, Flint’s got a dry, all-meat chili made from random offal and ground-up hot dogs (mustard and raw onions remain essential).

Second, a true Flint Town coney is 100% local, thanks to the city’s Koegel Meat Company, a factory that makes, for my money, the best god****d hot dogs in the country. And nobody knows how to treat a Kogel vienna quite like Angelo's, which makes its own sauce and grills the dogs to a snappy perfection 24/7. Flint has undergone a ton of changes over the past 70 years.

The one constant is Downtown’s Angelo’s, where coneys and gravy fries are sometimes all the light you need. Ignore the aesthetics. These are best eaten with eyes closed in bliss anyway.

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