Los Angeles-based ramen spot opens in Detroit's Midtown

Urban Ramen opens location on Woodward Avenue


DETROIT – Ramen has landed in Detroit's Midtown.

Los Angeles based Urban Ramen has opened along Woodward Avenue in Detroit's Midtown neighborhood, right across the street from Hopcat and next door to Rock City Eatery.

Urban Ramen, which opened in late June, started in Hollywood in 2014 with the mission to "provide our customers the most “Urban” experience while serving delicious yet traditional Japanese ramen."

Here's a little more on what they offer:

Pursuing the perfect taste and flavor in our broth, we have worked and trained with many famous Ramen chefs across Japan. To achieve the perfect broth, we have carefully selected materials such as pork/chicken bones, fruits and vegetables. These are slowly cooked for many hours in specially made equipments (high pressure cooker).

This perfected broth is blended with our homemade sauce and noodles. We make our original noodles in house to keep them fresh. These well studied and crafted broth and noodles make perfect chemistry together. By making these all in house, we promise our customers safety and consistency on top of great savory.

We also offer vegan ramen options for our vegan customers. We did not want to just have vegan options like many others do, so we invented the most tasty vegan ramen.

So, why would an LA-based ramen joint open a second location all the way in Detroit?

Owner and chef Kohei Robert told Eater Detroit that he has a friend in the city.  

“He (the friend) told me that there’s only a few ramen shops around here,” Kohei told Easter. “Ramen is good for students, too, so I wanted to open near the university."

Urban Ramen is currently only open Monday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., but we're assuming that will change soon.

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