Troy election flyer showing Republican competitor with Hillary Clinton sparks controversy

Doug Tietz flyer shows Republican competitor Ethan Baker with Hillary Clinton

TROY, Mich. – Election flyers are filling mailboxes across Michigan.

Some flyers are boilerplate, some are destined for the trash can without a look and others grab attention for what some consider to be the wrong reasons.

A campaign in Troy is getting heat for going beyond the pale to get people's attention. The flyer is against Ethan Baker, a Troy attorney and Republican. It was put out by Republican challenger Doug Tietz and says Baker is backed by "Never Trumpers" and Democrats.

The major complaint about the flyer is that Baker is pictured with Hillary Clinton.

"To bring Hillary Clinton into a state House race in the 41st House race in Michigan, I see as too far," Baker said.

Baker said he didn't vote for Clinton in the presidential election. He said he also served the late president Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy Reagan, for five years as a spokesman and staffer in California.

Baker has Nancy Reagan on one of his flyers. He's a Troy City Council member and his wife, Bethany, joined him to go door-to-door Monday with a message.

"I think people are looking for a positive campaign," Baker said. "I know I'm ready for a positive campaign focused on the issues. I'm going to do what I can do for people in the community."

Tietz is a former Troy City Council member and is now the district manager for soon-to-retire Congressman David Trott.

Tietz also went door-to-door Monday, but he wouldn't go on camera to talk about his flyer. He told Local 4 the flyer is accurate and offered meeting minutes as proof that Baker likes to raise taxes.

"It's all lies," Baker said. "It's false."

Baker isn't the only person taken aback by the flyer.

"It must mean Doug Tietz is running scared," former Troy Mayor Jeanne Stine said. "I am concerned for the public should he be elected. Would I want a man who would use these tactics to be representing me?"

Local 4 spoke at length with Tietz on Monday, and he said he doesn't believe this is a story because his citing is all true. But he never sent the information he offered as proof and didn't respond to calls looking for the material.

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