Introducing Michigan political ad tracker 2018

Find political ads from across Michigan, all in one place

DETROIT – WDIV-Local 4 is uploading all political ads that have been run in Michigan during the current election cycle to YouTube. We will continue track these ads until the general election on Nov. 6.

The purpose of this effort is to ensure that you, the voter, can easily access the messages being televised by campaigns and interest groups alike.

With more information about the candidates, you can make better informed decisions in both the primary and general elections, which will be held Aug. 7 and Nov. 6, respectively.

Below, find a playlist of ads from the races for governor, U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives. Click the "list" icon in the upper left corner to open the full list of ads. 

Be Heard. Go Vote!
A reminder to “Be Heard – and Go Vote!” this election season. The Aug. 7 primary election is your first chance to weigh in on big races for governor, U.S. Congress and the State Legislature. Unfortunately, last time around turnout was less than half of the voting public in southeast Michigan. We all have political opinions. Don’t just share them on social media. Share them in the voting booth.