The best band from Michigan, according to Thrillist

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Who is the best band from the state of Michigan?

Thrillist posted their list of the best bands from every state this week. It's a tough choice for Michigan, considering the long list of bands and singers that started here.

For the record, Thrillist only considered groups -- not individual artists -- which they admit skews the list away from hip-hop and country.

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The list is also limited to bands who became famous after World War II. 

In Michigan, the pick was The Temptations:

To talk about Michigan music is to talk about Detroit -- and to talk about Detroit is to talk about Motown. The idea of the city as a company town, defined by its relationship to the automobile empires that transformed it into the Motor City, has carried over to the way critics narrativize its artistic history. The thinking goes like this: In the same way Ford, GM, and Chrysler mass produced cars, Barry Gordy's Motown label pumped out soul, R&B, and pop hits. But that type of analysis minimizes the human touch a group like the Temptations brought to their velvety, smooth tracks, songs that deftly floated in the background during a tumultuous decade. They didn't simply roll of an assembly line.

The Temptations are a great pick. You can't really argue with it. Who else would you have picked? Let us know in the comments. 

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