Exclusive poll numbers suggest trouble for Republicans at top of November ticket

Republicans trail by wide margin in gubernatorial, senate races

DETROIT – Local 4 has exclusive new poll numbers at a time in which the races for governor, senate and several other positions are heating up.

Poll numbers suggest Republicans at the top of the ticket are in trouble. Both gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette and U.S. Senate hopeful John James are trailing their Democratic competitors by double digits.

In the race for governor between Schuette and Democratic nominee Gretchen Whitmer, only 10 percent of voters remain undecided. Whitmer has a double-digit lead, and she's closing in on 50 percent.

"There are a couple of things happening here," said Richard Czuba, CEO of the Glengariff Group. "First of all, Bill Schuette came out of the primary damaged when you look at his favorable to unfavorable numbers. With independents, he is under water by a two-to-one margin."

Among independents, 88.4 percent said they know Schuette, but only 26.2 percent have a favorable opinion of him.

In the James vs. Debbie Stabenow race for the Senate, Stabenow, the incumbent, is up 22.9 percent.

Per the polling, James' biggest problem is his name identification: Stabenow's name ID is nearly 100 percent while James is at 54.3 percent.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the extensive polling is the motivation to vote. Whether it's Democrats, Republicans or independents, the numbers are at an all-time high.

"When you look at all voters, we look at a one to 10 scale on how motivated are you to vote," Czuba said. "All voters are at a 9.4. In 35 years, I've never seen that number. I've never even seen it approach that number in Michigan."

Czuba said in Metro Detroit, Democrats hold a 33 percent advantage among women.

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